I last wrote an article on taking responsibility in your business a week before lockdown, and so much has happened in those last 6 months so I thought it was time to do another – on taking responsibility for everything in our lives, and I love the quote for this article as it sums it up totally. So lets look at some areas where we all need to be totally responsible.

Relationships with our spouse or life partner – I have been married to the same wonderful woman for 39 years and I take responsibility for everything I do and how I personally handle our relationship and how it can be better. In my younger years, that would not always be the case. I learned how to work on relationships and thank God I did. We all need to work on these relationships, and constantly work on them. Accept personal responsibility 

Relationships with our children – We have 2 well balanced grown up daughters and we take total responsibility for the way they have grown up and the wonderful girls they are and anyone who knows them would agree with me. We all have to accept responsibility for our children. How they become as grown ups has everything you do with how they were brought up, and how responsible we were and continue to be as parents.

Responsibility to our business – We are all totally responsible for where our business is today. We cannot blame external circumstances for this. We have to take total responsibility for the business we have created, and the position we are in right now. I know some of you wont agree with this, and if you don’t lets chat.

Responsibility to our staff – If we employ staff, we are totally responsible for their health and safety. Granted they have to take their own responsibility but while they are in our offices on company time, we have to ensure their health and wellbeing is paramount – at all times. Learn to be a great leader and team player. Being a boss is not about dictatorship. 

Responsibility to clients – Would you rather have a business where you are constantly looking for new clients or one where clients come back time and time again? Well, learn to accept responsibility – even sometimes when you are wrong. Looking after our clients and those relationships is paramount to building a successful business, and ensuring longevity.

Responsibility to others – we are 6 months into a pandemic as I write this article, and how we handle our personal responsibility ensures the safety of others – and potentially helps to save lives. We cannot afford to act irresponsibly, and the fact that so many are is affecting us all, and the long term repercussions are damaging the health and economy of our nation and the world. If you are in a position of leadership, act like a leader. People are looking to you for direction. Be strong, have strong convictions. You may not be right all the time, and if you are wrong admit it. Take responsibility. Do what is right for the greater cause and not for what benefits you the most. 

By acting responsibly – and it is all we can do as individuals –  we are doing our bit to get us through this really tough time. To make anything work for the benefit of all, we ALL need to take personal responsibility for everything we do, and it is only when we do this we can truly change our lives and the lives of those around us. 

Be responsible in all that you do. Look at the greater cause. Do what is right. Think of others – and we all win.

This article was first published on LinkedIn by Richard Knight on 21/09/2020