Lionheart Management Services


Goal Setting & Business Planning

Setting goals is vital to every part of your life and without goals, you can aimlessly wander through life with no direction. From a business perspective it is vital to know what your goals are for the next one, two and five years and then they need to broken down into monthly, weekly and even daily goals, If you look at where you are now and then look at where you want to be say in the next 12 months, then you need to work backwards from the 12 month goal until you have a goal for what to achieve this month to keep you on track and then the monthly goals can be broken down into bite sized chunks so you know what you need to do today or this week to keep you on track. We do all goal set from time to time but probably most of us don’t realise, and to achieve success it is vital to stick to your plans and have the focus and discipline to follow it through. I understand the importance of goal setting in your personal and business life and have lived it for pretty much all of my business life.


Business Marketing & Advertising

We all need to make sure we market our businesses in the correct way, so for this we need to know our target market, and any other demographics to help us reach our customers or clients in the most cost effective way. The message needs to be consistent across all media platforms so as not to confuse our audience. Again we need to set goals for our marketing and advertising activities and if we plan far enough in advance, we can make sure we get the right message across rather than leaving it till the last minute and wasting money due to the non effectiveness of the campaign. If you don’t know where you are going, you probably wont like where you end up. Are you marketing all your services to your clients? Your biggest source of new business will probably come from your existing client base. I have run an Advertising Agency since 1987 and have had to constantly make sure we are marketing and advertising our business correctly and have been helping and advising our clients how best to market and advertise their business for the last 31 years.



Managing your business finances is vital to the success of your business. I heard recently that 88% of all businesses have no idea where they stand financailly at any moment in time, and I really dont know how business owners can run their businesses without a hand on their finances. How many businesses really understand the difference between turnover, gross profit and net profit. You must know whether you are making money or not. Are your clients paying you? Have you sent invoices for the jobs you have done for your clients? You do not want to get yourself into a negative cash flow situation. You need to ensure your business is financially productive quickly or you could just be ploughing more time and money into a failing business. From the day I started my business I have known my average gross profit per job, my total monthly overheads, and where my business stands literally on a daily basis, and I can help you set up a simple system for your business.


How To Make The Most From Networking Events

Attending networking events has been a big part of my business life since 1987 and I can help and show you how to get the most from them. Networking is not just about what you can get out of the events, but whose services can you use to help your business. There will without doubt be business owners attending events who can add substantial value to your business. You cant be all things to all people but with help and support from other local business providers, you can. You have to learn how to delegate and trust other people to supply services to your business, where they can add value, and free your time up to do what is most profitable for you. Knowing how to best promote your business at these events is vital and I can help you perfect a one minute pitch and also suggest the type of people who would be a good addition to your business. Learning how to network properly will really add value to how you market your business.


Business Contingency Planning

It is important to try and prepare for the What ifs? in life. What if you lost your biggest client? What if one of your clients didn’t pay you? What if there was another recession?
What provisions are you making for events out of your control? We need to make sure we think about this and put provisions in place and it may just be that you make sure there is enough money in the bank as a reserve fund to cover these potential situations. Don’t overspend on things you don’t need and don’t buy things just to impress people. Material possessions don’t pay bills. They make you look good but can sometimes be more trouble than they are worth. Putting money aside for a “rainy day” may be all you need to do. As you will have heard before ‘Cash is king’. I can help you plan for the what ifs in your business life. If you fail to plan you are effectively planning to fail. Don’t wait until it is too late to do anything. You must prepare for this now.


Business Advice & Guidance

It is important to make sure than any advice and guidance you receive is value for money and supplied by someone who is qualified to help you. I have been in business since 1987 and gone through 2 recessions and one depression, taken a business from conception to sale and have 31 years experience. As a business owner, I have had to have a handle on all aspects of running a business, and am totally qualified to be able to help you and your business. We are all looking for our Knight in shining armour to help us, but we need to make sure when we are outsourcing for suppliers, that we check their credentials, or we could end up with an imposter wrapped in tin foil. Also sometimes your Knight in shining armour has probably never been into battle, so what you really want is a knight whose metal has been well and truly tested and that is what you will get from me, and at a price that is affordable to any small business owner. I look forward to working with you.