About Lionheart Management

My name is Richard Knight and I set up an Advertising Agency in 1987 and owned and ran it till I sold it in April 2016, and am still currently working in the business as part of the earn out and will be reducing my hours from April 2019, to enable me to set up my own business consultancy – Lionheart Management. The business name came about as my favourite King when I was at School was Richard the Lionheart so it basically fits perfectly.

In the 31 years I have been involved in my Advertising Agency, I have networked with SME’s and in particular micro businesses with less than 10 employees, so I think I know well how they think, how they work and the mistakes so many of them make – again and again. I heard a statistic some time ago that nearly 90% of all small businesses have no idea where they stand financially at any moment in time, and don’t even know if they are making a profit. I really don’t understand how anyone can run a business and not know their finances but nearly 9 out of every 10 businesses are in this position.

I also see so many small businesses spending too much time working in their business and little or no time working on their business or they are working on their business at a time when they should be working in their business. So Lionheart management and Richard Knight is all about passing on the experiences that I have had over the last 31 years, going through 2 recessions and one depression, several ups and quite a few downs but I have taken a business from conception to sale and learned a heck of a lot about business over the last 31 years as you can imagine.

I am on a crusade to help business owners work ON their businesses to realise its full potential. Most SME’s outsource a number of their services, and these outsourced companies could well be their “White Knight” or “Knight in shining Armour”, but unless businesses check these companies out, they will not be getting their Knight in shining armour , but an imposter wrapped in tin foil, who can do more harm that good to their business.

We all need to be vigilant in who we “employ” to help our businesses and therefore need to check our suppliers out thoroughly. I can list you literally hundreds of people I have worked with over the last 31 years who will vouch for me and you can do your own checks via LinkedIn or just Google Richard Knight Bracknell (my home town) and there will be loads of info that will come up – all good. So if you want someone to help your business become the best it can be, you need a Knight on your team whose metal has been well and truly tested – you need Richard Knight from Lionheart Management.