We have all heard about the power of performing simple acts of kindness, but how many of us do it with regularity? They don’t need to cost money – they just need to put a smile on someone’s face, and make them feel better about themselves. We are all struggling mentally with Covid19, and when we personally are struggling, it takes a little more effort to perform these acts of kindness – all the more reason to do it more regularly. We need to feel good about ourselves and it tough times, this takes extra effort. We need to ensure we have a positive mindset, or we could find ourselves in a never ending downward spiral.

So what are some simple acts of kindness we can do? Say good morning to someone while you are out on a walk. Knock on a neighbours door to make sure they are ok. Give someone a call or drop them a message to make sure they are ok. Look out for people generally. This takes very little time and costs nothing. We all know it costs nothing to be polite and courteous. Just practice it a bit more.

I was given “The Happiest Man on Earth” book for Christmas written by Eddie Jaku who is an Auschwitz survivor. Even though what he was going through during his time in Auschwitz, he was kind to everyone and helped out his fellow prisoners whenever he could. It gave him something positive to focus on and was massively instrumental in him surviving the horrors of Auschwitz. 

To be successful in whatever it is we are striving for in life we have to have a positive mindset, and how much better do we feel about ourselves if we can pass just a little of that positivity on to others.

If you want to up the anti a bit on the Acts of kindness, but someone a gift, send them some flowers, buy them a coffee if they are behind you in a queue – a lot of this can be done anonymously. You should not do it because you want thanks or gratitude – you do it just because you can. 

We all need to have the mentality that “A rising tide raises all ships”. You perform a simple act of kindness for someone and they then do the same thing for someone else. This way everyone can start to feel better about themselves. Mental Health and wellbeing is so vitally important at this moment in time, and we can all do a bit to help those around us. It is beneficial to our own mental health. It can reduce stress, improve our emotional wellbeing and even benefit our physical health.

Kindness is an action and therefore requires effort. It is not an emotion like happiness. By us putting in a little extra afford, we create an emotion of happiness in someone else. I would be really interested in knowing what random acts of kindness you perform this week or this month.

As small business owners this is a great habit to get into and it is great to help others feel better about themselves. Keep well everyone and lets help each other through this pandemic.

This article was first published on LinkedIn by Richard Knight on 08/02/2021