We all seem to be coming out of one chapter into another, and we have the power to write our own words of the next chapter of our own personal lives, and I suggest we think very carefully what those words will be. We cannot keep living in the past. What is done is done. The past has no bearing on the future. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Make it and every day count.

The next chapter will undoubtedly require us to make some changes from previous chapters. It may require some sacrifices. We will not get from where we are to where we want to be with the same mindset that has got us to where we currently are. We are in life today exactly where we choose to be. We wrote the words to the previous chapters. We made that decision by our actions and our associations. If we don’t like where we currently are, then we need to change it. We may also need to change some of the people we are currently associating with.

We have to remember that our competition is not other people. Our competition is our procrastination, our egos, the unhealthy food we consume, the knowledge we neglect, the negative attitudes we are nurturing, and our lack of creativity. Most of us do not like change, but if we want to change some things in our lives, then we need to change some things in our lives.

What words are coming out of our mouths? What are we saying to other people? What are we saying to ourselves? We need to be so careful what we are saying – at all times. Positive talk will produce positive action will produce positive results. Our next chapter is waiting to be written.

We need to remember that we cannot and must not be controlled by external circumstances and events – these cannot be controlled by us. What we can control is the 6 inches between our ears. We have direct control of us, of our attitudes, of our thoughts, of our words. Before we open our mouths, we need to engage our brains and make sure we are using the right words before those words come blurting out. Using the wrong words will not only affect us but the people we are associating with, those that we need help and support from, and those who may refer business to us.

So, lets write the next chapter of our lives. Let’s get help and support from the right people. Let them be part of the success of that chapter. We are not going to get from where we are to where we want to be on our own. We need help and support. We need a team of highly professional people on our team. Success is a team effort. Lets make sure we pick our team carefully. For those of us who are regular networkers, we meet those people on a regular basis. Let’s start attending events with a different mindset to those we had before. Look at who can add value to our team, to our success. We need to stop looking at those we outsource to as a cost, and look at them as an investment in our futures.

Good luck and I am always here if anyone wants help and support to get them from where they are to where they want to be. I have always had a support team and without them I would not have achieved what I have achieved in my life, and I am talking about personal success as well as business success.

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This article was first published on LinkedIn by Richard Knight on 22/06/2020