As we enter the last few days of a very tough year, it is the time that a lot of people make New Years resolutions – a commitment to themselves to do something different in the new year as compared to the year we are just exiting. I thought this was a good message to have as my 52nd article of 2020. 

This was a commitment I made at the start of 2020 to write an article every week of 2020, and I have done that. I made a commitment to post a positive message every day throughout 2020 and I have done that. These were commitments I made to myself but it went deeper than that. As I am in the latter stages of my productive business years I wanted to be able to pass my knowledge and experience built up over the last 38 years of being in business to others who may benefit – I hope I have done that. 

My further commitment in 2021 will be to continue the articles on a weekly basis and the positive messages on a daily basis – and to add other messages that I believe will add value to other small business owners.  I have enjoyed doing them and it has made me think about the way I do things and what I have experienced in those 38 years that can help others. All the articles are based on my personal experience, not on hearsay or theory. 

So, let me ask you the question. What commitments are you going to make in 2021 that can help you build a better life and a better business? What commitments are you going to make to help other business colleagues you work with or network with? How are you going to help them? What commitments are you going to make to your life partner or your children to make sure this coming year is better than the previous year? Don’t forget we are in total control of ourselves, our attitudes and how we react to situations around us. We cannot control external circumstances or situations, but we can certainly control how we react to them.

I am not going to preach to you about what I think you need to do. You must do that. It must be a decision you make and it has to be so strong that you will commit to it on a daily basis. All I will say is if you need to seek help with those commitments, then do so. Do not ever feel you are alone, because you are not. There are loads of people out there willing to help you and be by your side along the journey. We are all in the journey of life together. We all need each other. Life is so much better if we all get along. Yes we will have differences of opinions and we are all entitled to that. Don’t fall out with someone because their opinion may be different from yours. It is what makes the human race what it is.

Finally for 2020, I wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and all you are prepared to work for in the years ahead. Thanks to all those who have read and contributed via comments on my articles in 2020 and I hope they have helped you in some way. Take care and keep well, and let us all continue this journey in 2021.

This article was first published on LinkedIn by Richard Knight on 21/12/2020