The above quote is so true and it is so important to make sure we prepare ourselves, our families and our businesses for the unknowns, the “What ifs” as I like to call them. One guarantee is that they will always come around. 

I apologise for the last few articles being around similar topics but as someone once said to me, spaced repetition is good for us, so hopefully by me drip feeding you thoughts based on my experience it will start to sink in. We learn so much more from negative situations – or at least we should do – than we will ever learn from positive situations. When things are trucking along nicely and we have no challenges, we don’t learn. When we are faced with adversity, we always learn BUT……We only learn if we react in a positive way and we put the action in. Sitting around in our houses and having personal pity parties will do us no good at all. We need to surround ourselves with positive uplifting people who will help us through this. We need to ask for help from those we trust. We need to do things we have probably not done before. We need to look at other opportunities of how we can run our businesses or maybe even look for other opportunities altogether. Maybe we look at adding another stream of income so we are not as vulnerable in the future. Having more than one stream of income – in my opinion – is vital to securing your family’s future. This way if one dries up, you still have income coming in.

Read personal development books. Learn from those who have been there before us. Develop a positive mindset and Do it now!

If any of us are just sitting around waiting for this Virus thing to be over, please get up off your arse and start controlling your life. You have had 2 weeks and will undoubtedly get several more to spend time working on your business, working on your future and working on your relationships with your partner, your clients, your suppliers and your networking contacts. Learn more and listen more than you have ever done before. You will probably never get another opportunity in your lifetime to have as much time working ON all of these things than you have had up until now.

Please treat this as an opportunity – believe me, the opportunity is there if you look hard enough. You may not be able to find it on your own – that is why it is vital to have other positive people in your network to help you. Sometimes we are too close to the action to see it ourselves and we need help.


I have – over the last few months – been transitioning from a business I owned and ran for close to 33 years into a new business using my skills and contacts built up over that time. I thought I had everything in place and then this virus thing happened. Rather than put everything on hold, I embraced technology more than I have ever done before. I have got into video conferencing and have seen so many doors open for me and I would never have seen them before. Thanks to all those who helped me with this. You know who you are. If I can do this at close to 63 years of age, so can you

Go for it, and if you need any help, please feel free to contact me. You can get hold on me on Linked in or can email me –

This article was first published on LinkedIn by Richard Knight on 05/04/2020