How many times during your life – because of experiences you have encountered – has someone said to you “You were lucky”. Do you really believe you were lucky and that it just happened? Maybe if you won the lottery then yes, but other events? Do you really believe that we get to where we get to in life because of luck? Or do you think it is down to your attitude, the fact that you seek out opportunities and take them and that you are prepared when an opportunity comes along?

One of the biggest mistakes I see so many business owners make is that they never prepare for anything. Their journey of life is pretty much based on job to job, week to week or month to month. They don’t have any goals or plans. They really don’t know where they are going. To a degree, with that mentality, you could say there is an element of luck in everything that happens to them.

I have never said any business owner is lucky. At the end of the day they had the guts to go out on their own. They took control of their own destiny by doing that. Any success they get, they deserve just because of this. How much more successful could we all be if we set goals and we worked towards them step by step, and we always looked for opportunities, instead of letting them just pass us by? Opportunities really are there every day but if our mindset is not right and we are not thinking right, we will never see them, and someone else will grab that opportunity right from under our noses. 

So we create our own luck by being in the zone. And to be successful we need to be in that zone at all times. How prepared would you say you are? Be honest as you are only cheating yourself. By having a dream, it gives you something to focus on and to keep you track. Setting goals and working towards them and using them as baby steps along the way to then end goal will put you way ahead of where you would be without them. 

Now whether you are just thinking about starting a business or are already along that journey, here are a few suggestions to help you stay on track or get back on track.

  1. Build a network of acquaintances and friends who will help and support you
  2. Get a mentor – this is so vitally important 
  3. Write a business plan – even if it’s not required and review it regularly
  4. Get your finances in order – you cannot build a business for free.
  5. Set realistic financial goals – and review them regularly to make sure you are on track
  6. Know your numbers – this is in all aspects of your business. Sales as well as finances
  7. Expand your knowledge – read personal development books, watch personal development videos

All of these I have done since I started in business and it is very much like making a cake. The above are the ingredients. If you miss one off, you don’t get a cake. You need them all – and more besides.

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This article was first published on LinkedIn by Richard Knight on 07/09/2021