Do you let your circumstances or what happened in your past define who you are and who you are striving to be or do you raise your head above the parapet and move forward no matter what? 

Many people I speak to will tell me that they do the latter and yet whenever something negative happens, they are back down in the dumps again letting the circumstances control them and they are back to the starting line having to start all over again. You don’t just pick up from where you left off. There are always going to be external situations that will stop us in our tracks, but we need to keep moving forward no matter what. Surrounding ourselves with the right people, having a mentor or whoever it is who can motivate you is vitally important. A quick phone call or meet up with someone who can get you back on track is vitally important. 

For the last 18 months most of us have been on Zoom – zoom networking events, zoom one to ones, zoom exhibitions and so on. While this has been great and kept us connected, we need to get back out to do face to face meetings. The human race thrives on touch and this is something we have all missed big time. Zoom has become too comfortable. It is time and cost effective, but we need to get out of this comfort zone and get back to what was once comfortable and now is currently uncomfortable. Zoom will still play a part in our lives but it shouldn’t be as much. Face to face meetings and connectivity is vitally important for us to once again move forward and leave those circumstances well and truly behind. 

Circumstances and things outside our control will always happen. They will always be there. We need to look at them as something or somebody testing us. I think we have all been through a number of challenging circumstances and we are still here to tell the tale. If you find these difficult to control yourself, then please get someone who can help you through it. Don’t think you have to battle through everything yourself. Look at them as challenges, and challenges are there to be overcome. Feel proud of yourself and reward yourself when you have overcome them. 

We are in control of our own destiny. We have to remember this and we have to surround ourselves with positive people and really work on our personal development to ensure we are capable of fulfilling this destiny. We need to have a dream that will constantly be our focus. This needs to be at the front of our minds – at all times. And we need to have the unwavering belief that we will achieve this dream, no matter what. 

To have real success in life and business, we can rarely do this on our own. We either have a coach or mentor, read countless personal development books, or even just a mate we trust and respect. From my own perspective my successful 40 year – and counting – marriage and 39 years – and counting – in business is a testament to my mentors, the people I chose to hang around with and the countless number of personal development books I have read.

My current mission in life is just to help as many business owners I can to be successful. I get a buzz out of helping someone. Just make contact with me and lets chat and see how I can help you

This article was first published on LinkedIn by Richard Knight on 06/10/2021