We have all heard this quote so many times, but probably normally attributed it to a Walt Disney film.

So what is a dream? Dreams are something you think about, and sometimes can think about nothing else other than your dream. It is what drives us to do stuff. What is a goal? Goals require Action. Nothing happens without action. A dream without action is just a fantasy, it is something you constantly think about but will probably never achieve as there is no action involved.

Everything starts with a dream. We should all dream big. Having a dream will help make the impossible possible. Richard Branson says, we should all take time out regularly just to dream. Too many people get weighed down in doing, and never take time to think and feel. If our dreams don’t scare us, they are probably too small. Our dreams should be something that stretches us.

Any of us who have started a business would have started with a dream. The problem is that once our business gets underway, and we start facing challenges we lose sight of the dream. It should always be in our mind as without it, why are we doing what we do? Whatever your dream is, put a picture where you see it every day – on the fridge is a good place, especially if you – like me – are always going there.

In order for us to achieve our dreams, we need to put action in, and therefore need to set goals to help keep us on track. We also need to constantly monitor ourselves to make sure we stay on track. To help us, make sure we associate with successful and success minded people and read personal development books. Business booked are great as they help with business ideas but motivational, inspiration books will help us to stay focused.

Having a big dream is the main focus and we should reward ourselves along the way when we achieve our goals as they are stepping stones along the way to the achievement of our dream. The reward should be in line with the goal. Don’t go and spend £500 when your goal was to make £50 more profit for example. Spend £50 when you achieve another £500 of profit. Go for a meal with your partner. Do something. Celebrate the achievement.

If you want to know more about how to set achievable goals to help achieve your dream – and maybe even how to have a dream – then give me a call. I am a Knight who has had his metal well and truly tested over the last 33 years in business.


This article was first published on LinkedIn by Richard Knight on 20/01/2020