too busy to work on business


Having run my own business for 30 years and taking it through from conception to selling it and having gone through 3 recessions including the one that hit most business in 2008/9, let me tell you that working on your business is to some degree as important if not more important than working in it.

As a business owner, you have to be a wearer of many hats, and you think by doing everything yourself – and I have been there – it will get done, but at what sacrifice? Your health suffers, your family and relationships suffer, you have no social time, and then the fun of running a business rapidly disappears.

Getting the right team on board is vital to the success of your business and with this comes the confidence that you can delegate and start to get your life back, and if you are getting busier because you have a great team – and I have been here too – then you again become busy being busy so working on your business again gets pushed to the bottom of the pile.

You need direction and without direction and no plan, you don’t know where you are going and probably won’t like where you could end up. So you need at least a 1, 3 and 5-year plan and then you can work backwards and break your goals down into bite-sized chunks.

I have written a talk on “Running a business is a marathon not a sprint” This was based on what I learnt through making the decision of running the London Marathon not once, but twice in 2 years. Its all about the importance of goal setting and why without it you will never truly succeed. You may succeed financially but running a business is not just about money. Money is not good if you don’t have the time to enjoy it.

So where do I find the time to work on my business I hear you ask. Well, here is how I can help you. I can pass 30 years of experience of running a business and getting involved in all aspects of the business. I can be the person who can help you with the working on part of your business. No, I am not going to be an employee of yours. What I am going to do is make you commit to 4 hours a month split into 2 x 2-hour slots at a time that works for you – and me obviously, and we are going to work on the business. We are going to do this away from your business environment so you can’t be distracted by workload or phone calls or other members of the staff and we will meet at a time which doesn’t eat into the productive selling hours of your business. I guarantee we will be productive.

So what next? You need to take the next step… Just fill out the form on the contact page and let’s get your business on the road to success!