business communication face to face


This is probably not a difficult one to answer as back then there were no mobile phones or internet or emails and not even landlines. Troops would be given a note with instructions from the King or Troop commander then they would get on their horse and ride out to where the troops were. They would know where they were going by their flag which would always be flown high so they could see their own troops. They would then communicate with the leader of the battle via the note and instructions would then be passed back to the rider to communicate back to base.

Now if you think about it communication is not that much different now than it was several hundred years ago except we now have emails and mobile phones to replace notes and unfortunately too many business owners use technology to even replace speaking to a customer. For some reason, the art of “speaking” communication with a lot of business owners appears to have completely disappeared. Technology should be used as an aid and not a replacement.

We will all have had experiences of trying to get hold of large corporate companies who seem to make it as difficult as they possibly can for you to find a number to call them on as when things go really bad with your corporate supplier – as they undoubtedly will – we want to ring them but they obviously don’t want to talk to us which is why they hide behind an email or a computer and how frustrating do we find this? So what do we do – we move to another supplier if we can and then the same thing happens again and again and so it goes on Communication – proper communication – is really not a difficult thing to get a grip of and if you are from a generation that grew up sending texts or emails to your friends and never really actually speaking with them until you were in front of them, then you need to learn this art pretty quick or it will be the death of this business.

The human race thrive on speaking communication and no matter how much technology changes, this will always be the case. Using emails to communicate with your clients is fine but every now and again you really do need to pick up the phone, or even go and see them. The best relationships – business or personal – are always the ones where there is verbal communication or face to face communication and business relationships then become friendships – and I don’t mean like “Facebook friends”.

So if – in the pursuit of your own business crusade – you want to win, then you need to understand how to communicate properly and hand deliver a note and speak to the person face to face – as in Medieval times. If you think about it, it is so rare now that people cherish it even more. To win in business, you need to surround yourself with suppliers and customers who will become Raving fans and friends and be people you would want on your side when you go into battle, but be careful that you don’t go into battle with the wrong people.


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